Gen 21:1-29

Most Christians know that there is nothing impossible for God. Many of us have said those very words to encourage ourselves or to other people. Most of our struggles, however, is with time and how it will come to pass.

Abraham was promised posterity. But it was only at Sarah’s old age that God gave them their first son together called Isaac. Abraham had wished that God will somehow make a way for Hagar and Ismael to stay with him. God made a way instead for them to be preserved and for Ismael to be a great man and father of a nation.

God has promised every believer that He will be with us, even until the end of days. He has promised to be our refuge and stength, and will not allow any temptation to overcome us. Yet as frailed vessels we struggled in trusting God’s strength when ours fail. It was not easy to lean on the Lord when our safe haven no longer gives us security. We may turn to past victories to assure us that God will not fail. Or focus on promised scriptures that He will come through for us in the end. We sought faith, surrender

I believe that every trial that comes our way has two main purposes. The first is to mold us, and the second is to test us. God desires to mold our character and our faith.

How we respond to challenges and trials thrown at us many times reveals our weaknesses and areas of growth. I think when we evaluate honestly, we can identify areas of our lives that needs greater discipline and submission to God. If we seem to be experiencing a certain type of trials repeatedly, that may be a sign that God is not done with us yet.
As we grow in our faith and holiness, there will come a time when these trials become a test from God to see if we are ready for the greater things He will do through us. God endows to us His will and destiny only when we are ready. This does not mean we become immune and will not fall, but it does mean that we have everything we need to succeed. To me, this is God’s way of protecting those whom He loves.


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