A New Season

As I wait for Keet as he goes through the interview, I can’t help but reflect all that has taken place last 3 years for my wonderful hubby.

It was a transition phase for him no doubt. New job, new place, new family, I can’t imagine.  Yet, in spite of all his struggles, I witnessed, time and again, his humility in keeping his head down and doing all that was required of him.  No matter the job,or the responsibilities, menial or major, he stoically kept his feet on the ground, walking  one step at a time.  Even though at times I felt he could have been able to do so much more if placed in a different place, a different position, yet the hand of God continues to be undoubtedly there.

I admire his humility greatly.  He will definitely challenged that, uttering how proud he was so many times, yet I saw a man transformed by God’s hands slowly but surely, a man I grew to respect so much, not because he is great, but because through it all, all he wants us to serve and love God unreservedly.

I look forward to the wonderful things God has in store for him, for us.



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